As you have likely noticed, in the last few months, Surgery has published a series of articles on innovation. Our goal is to disseminate our ideas, highlight the development of new devices or methodologies, provide information on funding sources and potential avenues of marketing, and discuss interactions with industry within your institution.
      This initiative has stimulated our interest in starting a section in Surgery titled “INNOVATION.” We are initiating this new section this month with 3 articles that use innovative approaches ranging “high tech” to “medium tech” to “low tech.” We want to stress that innovation does not always involve genomics, gene therapy, nanoparticles, or other sophisticated technologies or methodologies, as shown in 1 of the articles in this new section; indeed, innovation in improving health care and quality of life can take numerous and diverse approaches, especially in the developing world.
      We encourage you to submit similar articles on innovation. Such articles will, of course, be peer reviewed, but the criteria for publication will be a bit different and based on feasibility in the local environment, the extent of development, interest to our readership, potential impact, and so on. We believe such articles may stimulate interest in collaboration and related ideas, foster suggestions on how to proceed, highlight avenues of funding, or promote interaction with industry in the development of business plans. We encourage submissions for this new section of articles for Surgery.