Editors Note| Volume 168, ISSUE 4, P571, October 2020

Times are changing and so is Surgery

Published:September 14, 2020DOI:
      The COVID-19 pandemic has forced numerous changes on all of us. Serendipitously, some of these changes have been good for patients and surgeons. For example, telemedicine has been extensively integrated into patient care visits, to the benefit of both the patients and the care providers. At Surgery, we, too, are undergoing significant change with the retirement of our long-time editor, Michael G. Sarr, MD. As we have previously noted, Steven D. Wexner, MD, PhD, has joined us as one of the editors-in-chief, and, in this issue, we highlight organizational changes in the journal, including several new internationally renowned specialty editors.
      During the last several years, Surgery has experienced a substantial increase in the number and quality of submissions and in the depth and breadth of surgical science in these submissions. This welcome growth in volume and complexity, however, challenged the review capacity of the co-editors and laid bare an insufficient organizational structure. Surgery could no longer be adequately managed by a two-person team to offer appropriate expert review and decision making to our authors and readers in the myriad of subjects covered. We are extremely fortunate to have an excellent editorial board loaded with talented individuals with broad expertise and an exhaustive depth of knowledge. Because of the riches of our editorial board, following a highly competitive search, we are introducing a new organizational structure that will include nine specialty editors.
      These editors have outstanding national and international reputations, and their expertise will serve our readers and authors well. The editors include Drs. Shimul Shah (University of Cincinnati) and Nick Zyromski (Indiana University) for hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, Dr. Raul Rosenthal (Cleveland Clinic, Weston, FL) for foregut surgery, Dr. Scott Steele (Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH) for colorectal and small bowel surgery, Dr. Marc Jeschke (University of Toronto) for trauma and critical care surgery, Dr. Barbra Miller (Ohio State University) for endocrine and oncology surgery, and Dr. Caitlin Hicks (Johns Hopkins University) for vascular, cardiovascular, hernia, and pediatric surgery and outcomes/health care. In addition, Dr. Julio Mayol (Complutense University of Madrid) will lead the digital media and innovation team, which was introduced previously. Finally, Dr. Victor Zaydfudium (University of Virginia) will serve as editor of our Highlights in Surgery feature, which will provide a brief synopsis of the best articles in the surgical literature.
      We are excited to introduce these new editors, who bring expertise, energy, and networks of respected, knowledgeable colleagues in their respective specialties to Surgery. We are grateful for their unwavering commitment to the peer review process and their outstanding academic citizenship over the years. Please join us in welcoming them, and feel free to share your thoughts with us!