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Steven Wexner introduces the November issue

Kevin Behrns: New Year for Surgery

Steven Wexner: Many advances for Surgery in 2020

Steven Wexner: Great plans for Surgery in 2021

Kevin Behrns, Editor-in-Chief

Steven Wexner, Editor-in-Chief


Caitlin Hicks, Editor

Marc Jeschke, Editor

Raul Rosenthal, Editor

Shimul A. Shah, Editor

Scott R. Steele, Editor

Nicholas Zyromski, Editor

Editorial board

Juan A. Asensio, Editorial Board member

Michael J. Englesbe, Editorial Board member

Paul Kuo, Editorial Board member

Olivier Scatton, Editorial Board member

Shailesh V. Shrikhande, Editorial Board member

Charles M. Vollmer, Editorial Board member


March Best of Surgery video

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Jon Gould introduces the March CSA issue

January Best in Surgery video

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Barbara Miller introduces the January AAES issue