Complimentary Articles

  • Surgeon experience contributes to improved outcomes in pancreatoduodenectomies at high risk for fistula development

    Fabio Casciani, Maxwell T. Trudeau, Horacio J. Asbun, Chad G. Ball, Claudio Bassi, Stephen W. Behrman, Adam C. Berger, Mark P. Bloomston, Mark P. Callery, John D. Christein, Massimo Falconi, Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo, Mary E. Dillhoff, Euan J. Dickson, Elijah Dixon, William E. Fisher, Michael G. House, Steven J. Hughes, Tara S. Kent, Giuseppe Malleo, Stefano Partelli, Ronald R. Salem, John A. Stauffer, Christopher L. Wolfgang, Amer H. Zureikat, Charles M. Vollmer Jr. on behalf of the Pancreas Fistula Study Group
    Surgery, Vol. 169, Issue 4
  • Exploring the perioperative outcomes of a sample of successful adopters of transanal total mesorectal excision (taTME) during the learning phase

    Antonio Caycedo-Marulanda, Kara Nadeau, Chris P. Verschoor, Dana Sands, Antonino Spinelli, Shady Ashamalla, Sunil V. Patel, Francesca Di Candido, Angela Mujukian, Karen Zaghiyan, Grant Stevenson, Albert Wolthuis, David A. Clark, Andre D’Hoore, Andrew Stevenson, Steven D. Wexner
    Surgery, Vol. 169, Issue 4
  • Does near-infrared fluorescent cholangiography with indocyanine green reduce bile duct injuries and conversions to open surgery during laparoscopic or robotic cholecystectomy? — A meta-analysis

    Fernando Dip, Emanuele Lo Menzo, Kevin P. White, Raul J. Rosenthal
    Surgery, Vol. 169, Issue 4
  • Variations in postoperative opioid prescribing by day of week and duration of hospital stay

    Damien J. Lazar, Shruti Zaveri, Prerna Khetan, Tamar B. Nobel, Celia M. Divino
    Surgery, Vol. 169, Issue 4
  • DElayed COloRectal cancer care during COVID-19 Pandemic (DECOR-19): Global perspective from an international survey

    Giulio A. Santoro, Ugo Grossi, Sthela Murad-Regadas, Joseph W. Nunoo-Mensah, Anders Mellgren, Gian Luca Di Tanna, Gaetano Gallo, Charles Tsang, Steven D. Wexner on behalf of DECOR-19 Collaborative Group
    Surgery, Vol. 169, Issue 4
  • A telephone-based surgical transitional care program with improved patient satisfaction scores and fiscal neutrality

    Nicholas A. Schreiter, Alexander Fisher, James R. Barrett, Alexandra Acher, Laura Sell, Dani Edwards, Glen Leverson, Alyssa Joachim, Sharon M. Weber, Daniel E. Abbott
    Surgery, Vol. 169, Issue 2
  • Effect of statewide reduction in extended care facility use after joint replacement on hospital readmission

    Ari D. Schuman, John D. Syrjamaki, Edward C. Norton, Brian R. Hallstrom, Scott E. Regenbogen
    Surgery, Vol. 169, Issue 2
  • A postdischarge venous thromboembolism risk calculator for inflammatory bowel disease surgery

    Cary Jo R. Schlick, Tarik K. Yuce, Anthony D. Yang, Michael F. McGee, David J. Bentrem, Karl Y. Bilimoria, Ryan P. Merkow
    Surgery, Vol. 169, Issue 2
  • Transatlantic registries of pancreatic surgery in the United States of America, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden: Comparing design, variables, patients, treatment strategies, and outcomes

    Tara. M. Mackay, Elizabeth M. Gleeson, Ulrich F. Wellner, Caroline Williamsson, Olivier R. Busch, Bas Groot Koerkamp, Tobias Keck, Hjalmar C. van Santvoort, Bobby Tingstedt, Henry A. Pitt, Marc G. Besselink for the Global Audits on Pancreatic Surgery Group (GAPASURG)
    Surgery, Vol. 169, Issue 2
    Open Access
  • The ups and downs of general surgery resident experience in endocrine surgery: Analysis of 30 years of ACGME graduate case logs

    Adriana G. Ramirez, Anna Z. Fashandi, John B. Hanks, Philip W. Smith, John R. Potts III
    Surgery, Vol. 168, Issue 4
  • Increased risk of malignancy for patients older than 40 years with appendicitis and an appendix wider than 10 mm on computed tomography scan: A post hoc analysis of an EAST multicenter study

    Leon Naar, Peter Kim, Saskya Byerly, Georgia Vasileiou, Hang Zhang, D. Dante Yeh, Haytham M.A. Kaafarani for the EAST Appendicitis Study Group
    Surgery, Vol. 168, Issue 4
  • Swipe right for surgical residency: Exploring the unconscious bias in resident selection

    Al-Faraaz Kassam, Alexander R. Cortez, Leah K. Winer, Jennifer E. Baker, Dennis J. Hanseman, Dennis Wells, Suma Yalamanchili, Engy Habashy, Steve Chausse, Amy T. Makley, Michael D. Goodman, Jeffrey J. Sussman, Ralph C. Quillin III
    Surgery, Vol. 168, Issue 4
  • A narrative celebrating the recent contributions of women to colorectal surgery

    Deborah S. Keller, Mariana Berho, Gina Brown, Tracy Hull, Gabriela Moeslein, Steven D. Wexner
    Surgery, Vol. 168, Issue 3
  • Patient complexity by surgical specialty does not correlate with work relative value units

    Joel L. Ramirez, Warren J. Gasper, Carolyn D. Seib, Emily Finlayson, Michael S. Conte, Julie Ann Sosa, James C. Iannuzzi
    Surgery, Vol. 168, Issue 3
  • Pediatric firearm injuries: Anatomy of an epidemic

    Robert A. Swendiman, Justin S. Hatchimonji, Myron Allukian III, Thane A. Blinman, Michael L. Nance, Gary W. Nace
    Surgery, Vol. 168, Issue 3
  • Genetic testing in endocrine surgery: Opportunities for precision surgery

    Wilson Alobuia, Justin Annes, Electron Kebebew
    Surgery, Vol. 168, Issue 2
  • Standards for reporting on surgery for chronic pancreatitis: a report from the International Study Group for Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS)

    Ajith K. Siriwardena, John Windsor, Nicholas Zyromski, Giovanni Marchegiani, Dejan Radenkovic, Catherine Morgan, Ioannis Passas, Attila Olah, Kevin C. Conlon, Martin Smith, Olivier Busch, Minas Baltatzis, Marc G. Besselink, Charles Vollmer, Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo, Helmut Friess, Giuseppe Garcea, Sean Burmeister, Thilo Hackert, Keith D. Lillemoe, Richard Schulick, Shailesh V. Shrikhande, Andrew Smith, Luca Gianotti, Massimo Falconi, David Adams, Mustapha Adham, Roland Andersson, Marco Del Chiaro, John Devar, Santhalingam Jegatheeswaran, Hjalmar van Santvoort, Igor Khatkov, Jakob Izbicki, Markus Büchler, John P. Neoptolemos, Claudio Bassi, Christos Dervenis
    Surgery, Vol. 168, Issue 1
  • Evaluation of incidental adrenal masses at a tertiary referral and trauma center

    Timothy Feeney, Stephanie Talutis, Megan Janeway, Praveen Sridhar, Avneesh Gupta, Philip E. Knapp, James Moses, David McAneny, Frederick Thurston Drake
    Surgery, Vol. 167, Issue 5
  • Mesh fistula after ventral hernia repair: What is the optimal management?

    Michael R. Arnold, Angela M. Kao, Javier Otero, Julia E. Marx, Vedra A. Augenstein, Ronald F. Sing, Paul D. Colavita, Kent Kercher, B. Todd Heniford
    Surgery, Vol. 167, Issue 3
  • Editors’ note

    Michael G. Sarr, Kevin E. Behrns
    Surgery, Vol. 167, Issue 6
  • Impact of social media on the continuous education of the general surgeon, a new experience, @Cirbosque: A Latin American example

    Luis Felipe Cabrera, Paula Ferrada, Julio Mayol, Andres Camilo Mendoza, Gabriel Herrera, Mauricio Pedraza, Sebastian Sanchez
    Surgery, Vol. 167, Issue 6
  • Preoperative patient education and patient preparedness are associated with less postoperative use of opioids

    Rhami Khorfan, Meagan L. Shallcross, Benjamin Yu, Nicholas Sanchez, Shelby Parilla, Julia M. Coughlin, Julie K. Johnson, Karl Y. Bilimoria, Jonah J. Stulberg
    Surgery, Vol. 167, Issue 5
  • Mesh fistula after ventral hernia repair: What is the optimal management?

    Michael R. Arnold, Angela M. Kao, Javier Otero, Julia E. Marx, Vedra A. Augenstein, Ronald F. Sing, Paul D. Colavita, Kent Kercher, B. Todd Heniford
    Surgery, Vol. 167, Issue 3
  • Robotic compared with laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A propensity matched analysis

    William J. Kane, Eric J. Charles, J. Hunter Mehaffey, Robert B. Hawkins, Kathleen B. Meneses, Carlos A. Tache-Leon, Zequan Yang
    Surgery, Vol. 167, Issue 2
  • Same-day discharge is not associated with increased readmissions or complications after thyroid operations

    Q. Lina Hu, Masha J. Livhits, Clifford Y. Ko, Michael W. Yeh
    Surgery, Vol. 167, Issue 1
  • Venous thromboembolism and transfusion after major abdominopelvic surgery

    Kristen McAlpine, Rodney H. Breau, Christopher Knee, Marc Carrier, Philippe D. Violette, Carl van Walraven, Daniel I. McIsaac, Ranjeeta Mallick, Ilias Cagiannos, Christopher Morash, Luke T. Lavallée
    Surgery, Vol. 166, Issue 6
  • Gender differences among surgical fellowship program directors

    Amanda C. Filiberto, Christopher B. Le, Tyler J. Loftus, Lou A. Cooper, Christiana Shaw, George A. Sarosi Jr., Atif Iqbal, Sanda A. Tan
    Surgery, Vol. 166, Issue 5
  • Discordant findings on preoperative imaging for primary hyperparathyroidism and thyroid disease: Choosing the path to follow

    Anna C. Beck, Abhishek K. Kashyap, Geeta Lal, James R. Howe, Ronald J. Weigel, Michael M. Graham, Sonia L. Sugg
    Surgery, Vol. 166, Issue 4
  • The 2015 American Thyroid Association guidelines are associated with an increasing rate of hemithyroidectomy for thyroid cancer

    Timothy M. Ullmann, Katherine D. Gray, Dessislava Stefanova, Jessica Limberg, Jessica L. Buicko, Brendan Finnerty, Rasa Zarnegar, Thomas J. Fahey III, Toni Beninato
    Surgery, Vol. 166, Issue 3
  • CRISPR-mediated gene editing for the surgeon scientist

    Stephen J. O’Brien, Matthew B. Ekman, Stephen Manek, Susan Galandiuk
    Surgery, Vol. 166, Issue 2
  • Impact of skilled nursing facility quality on postoperative outcomes after pancreatic surgery

    Anghela Z. Paredes, J. Madison Hyer, Eliza W. Beal, Fabio Bagante, Katiuscha Merath, Rittal Mehta, Susan White, Timothy M. Pawlik
    Surgery, Vol. 166, Issue 1
  • Passive mesenterico-saphenous shunt: An alternative to portocaval anastomosis for tailored portal decompression during liver transplantation

    François Faitot, Pietro Addeo, Camille Besch, Baptiste Michard, Constantin Oncioiu, Bernard Ellero, Marie-Lorraine Woehl-Jaeglé, Philippe Bachellier
    Surgery, Vol. 165, Issue 5
  • Functional and volumetric assessment of liver segments after portal vein embolization: Differences in hypertrophy response

    Fadi Rassam, Pim B. Olthof, Krijn P. van Lienden, Roel J. Bennink, Marc G. Besselink, Olivier R. Busch, Thomas M. van Gulik
    Surgery, Vol. 165, Issue 4
  • Financial implications of telemedicine visits in an academic endocrine surgery program

    Feibi Zheng, Ki Wan Park, William J. Thi, Clarissa C. Ro, Barbara L. Bass, Michael W. Yeh
    Surgery, Vol. 165, Issue 3
  • What is transplant oncology?

    Taizo Hibi, Gonzalo Sapisochin
    Surgery, Vol. 165, Issue 2
  • Bone mineral density changes after parathyroidectomy are dependent on biochemical profile

    Denise Lee, Marcella D. Walker, Hsin Yi Chen, John A. Chabot, James A. Lee, Jennifer H. Kuo
    Surgery, Vol. 165, Issue 1
  • World Health Organization: Leading surgical care toward sustainable development in the era of globalization

    David Ljungman, Kerry A. Vaughan, Kee B. Park, Emmanuel M. Makasa, Robert Marten, John G. Meara
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 6
  • Durability of Stroke Prevention with Carotid Endarterectomy and Carotid Stenting

    Michael A. Thomas, William H. Pearce, Heron E. Rodriguez, Irene B. Helenowski, Mark K. Eskandari
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 6
  • Would women accept opportunistic (prophylactic) salpingectomy at the time of nongynecologic surgery to prevent development of ovarian cancer?

    Gordana Tomasch, Brigitte Bliem, Martina Lemmerer, Silvia Oswald, Stefan Uranitsch, Elfriede R Greimel, Vesna Bjelic-Radisic, Georg Rosanelli, Selman Uranues, Karl Tamussino
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 5
  • Opportunistic salpingectomy to decrease the mortality from ovarian cancer: Can we expand the pool of eligible patients?

    Jamie N. Bakkum-Gamez, William A. Cliby
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 5
  • Big data: More than big data sets

    Adrienne N. Cobb, Andrew J. Benjamin, Erich S. Huang, Paul C. Kuo
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 4
  • Is task sharing preferred to task shifting in the provision of safe surgical care?

    Martin Smith
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 3
  • Databases for surgical health services research: American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program

    Ryan J. Ellis, Jessica Y. Liu, Clifford Y. Ko
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 2
  • Contemporary concepts in hernia prevention: Selected proceedings from the 2017 International Symposium on Prevention of Incisional Hernias

    Hobart W. Harris, William H. Hope, Gina Adrales, Dana K. Andersen, Eva B. Deerenberg, Holger Diener, Gregory Dumanian, Barbora East, John P. Fischer, Miguel A. Garcia Ureña, George J. Gibeily, Birgitta M. Hansson, Pilar Hernández- Granados, Michael C. Hiles, Johannes Jeekel, Howard Levinson, Manuel Lopez-Cano, Filip Muysoms, José Antonio Pereira, Michel Prudhomme, Archana Ramaswamy, Cesare Stabilini, Jared Torkington, Silvia Valverde, David M. Young
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 2
  • Databases for surgical health services research: collaborative quality improvement programs

    Joceline V. Vu, Michael J. Englesbe, Kyle H. Sheetz
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 1
  • Extended antibiotic therapy versus placebo after laparoscopic cholecystectomy for mild and moderate acute calculous cholecystitis: A randomized double-blind clinical trial

    Martín de Santibañes, Juan Glinka, Pablo Pelegrini, Fernando A. Alvarez, Cristina Elizondo, Diego Giunta, Laura Barcan, Lionel Simoncini, Nora Cáceres Dominguez, Victoria Ardiles, Oscar Mazza, Rodrigo Sanchez Claria, Eduardo de Santibañes, Juan Pekolj
    Surgery, Vol. 164, Issue 1
  • Implementation of an academic half day in a vascular surgery residency program improves trainee and faculty satisfaction with surgical indications conference

    Riann Robbins, Sarah Sullivan, Brigitte Smith
    Surgery, Vol. 163, Issue 6
  • Restoration of motor function after operative reconstruction of the acutely transected spinal cord in the canine model

    Zehan Liu, Shuai Ren, Kuang Fu, Qiong Wu, Jun Wu, Liting Hou, Hong Pan, Linlin Sun, Jian Zhang, Bingjian Wang, Qing Miao, Guiyin Sun, Vincenzo Bonicalzi, Sergio Canavero, Xiaoping Ren
    Surgery, Vol. 163, Issue 5
  • Filling the void: a low-cost, high-yield approach to addressing incidental findings in trauma patients

    Nicholas Sich, Andrew Rogers, Danelle Bertozzi, Praveen Sabapathi, Waed Alswealmeen, Philip Lim, Jonathan Sternlieb, Laura Gartner, James Yuschak, Orlando Kirton, Ryan Shadis
    Surgery, Vol. 163, Issue 4
  • Relationship of procedural numbers with meaningful procedural autonomy in general surgery residents

    Herbert P. Stride, Brian C. George, Reed G. Williams, Jordan D. Bohnen, Megan J. Eaton, Mary C. Schuller, Lihui Zhao, Amy Yang, Shari L. Meyerson, Rebecca Scully, Gary L. Dunnington, Laura Torbeck, John T. Mullen, Samuel P. Mandell, Michael Choti, Eugene Foley, Chandrakanth Are, Edward Auyang, Jeffrey Chipman, Jennifer Choi, Andreas Meier, Douglas Smink, Kyla P. Terhune, Paul Wise, Debra DaRosa, Nathaniel Soper, Jay B. Zwischenberger, Keith Lillemoe, Jonathan P. Fryer
    Surgery, Vol. 163, Issue 3
  • Skeletal effects of failed parathyroidectomy

    Feibi Zheng, Hui Zhou, Ning Li, Philip I. Haigh, Annette L. Adams, Michael W. Yeh
    Surgery, Vol. 163, Issue 1
  • What factors influence attending surgeon decisions about resident autonomy in the operating room?

    Reed G. Williams, Brian C. George, Shari L. Meyerson, Jordan D. Bohnen, Gary L. Dunnington, Mary C. Schuller, Laura Torbeck, John T. Mullen, Edward Auyang, Jeffrey G. Chipman, Jennifer Choi, Michael Choti, Eric Endean, Eugene F. Foley, Samuel Mandell, Andreas Meier, Douglas S. Smink, Kyla P. Terhune, Paul Wise, Debra DaRosa, Nathaniel Soper, Joseph B. Zwischenberger, Keith D. Lillemoe, Jonathan P. Fryer on behalf of the Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative
    Surgery, Vol. 162, Issue 6
  • Crystalloid versus colloid fluids for reduction of postoperative ileus after abdominal operation under combined general and epidural anesthesia

    Mohammad Reza Ghodraty, Faranak Rokhtabnak, Hossein Reza Dehghan, Alireza Pournajafian, Masoud Baghaee Vaji, Zahra Sadat Koleini, Jahan Porhomayon, Nader D. Nader
    Surgery, Vol. 162, Issue 5
  • Challenge of balancing duration of stay and readmissions in children's operation

    Heather L. Short, Isaac Parakati, Kurt F. Heiss, Mark L. Wulkan, John F. Sweeney, Mehul V. Raval
    Surgery, Vol. 162, Issue 4
  • Liver transplantation in patients with liver metastases from neuroendocrine tumors: A systematic review

    Dimitrios Moris, Diamantis I. Tsilimigras, Ioannis Ntanasis-Stathopoulos, Eliza W. Beal, Evangelos Felekouras, Spiridon Vernadakis, John J. Fung, Timothy M. Pawlik
    Surgery, Vol. 162, Issue 3
  • Can postoperative process of care utilization or complication rates explain the volume-cost relationship for cancer surgery?

    Vivian Ho, Marah N. Short, Thomas A. Aloia
    Surgery, Vol. 162, Issue 2
    Open Access
  • How to review a Paper: Suggestions from the Editors of Surgery and the Journal of Surgical Research

    David W. McFadden, Scott A. LeMaire, Michael G. Sarr, Kevin E. Behrns
    Surgery, Vol. 162, Issue 1
  • Surgical volume and postoperative mortality rate at a referral hospital in Western Uganda: Measuring the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery indicators in low-resource settings

    Geoffrey A. Anderson, Lenka Ilcisin, Lenard Abesiga, Ronald Mayanja, Noralis Portal Benetiz, Joseph Ngonzi, Peter Kayima, Mark G. Shrime
    Surgery, Vol. 161, Issue 6
  • Surgeon-, pathologist-, and hospital-level variation in suboptimal lymph node examination after colectomy: Compartmentalizing quality improvement strategies

    Adan Z. Becerra, Christopher T. Aquina, Mariana Berho, Francis P. Boscoe, Maria J. Schymura, Katia Noyes, John R. Monson, Fergal J. Fleming
    Surgery, Vol. 161, Issue 5
  • Health-related quality of life after laparoscopic Heller myotomy and Dor fundoplication for achalasia

    Emanuele Asti, Andrea Sironi, Andrea Lovece, Giulia Bonavina, Melania Fanelli, Gianluca Bonitta, Luigi Bonavina
    Surgery, Vol. 161, Issue 4
  • The 2016 update of the International Study Group (ISGPS) definition and grading of postoperative pancreatic fistula: 11 Years After

    Claudio Bassi, Giovanni Marchegiani, Christos Dervenis, Micheal Sarr, Mohammad Abu Hilal, Mustapha Adham, Peter Allen, Roland Andersson, Horacio J. Asbun, Marc G. Besselink, Kevin Conlon, Marco Del Chiaro, Massimo Falconi, Laureano Fernandez-Cruz, Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo, Abe Fingerhut, Helmut Friess, Dirk J Gouma, Thilo Hackert, Jakob Izbicki, Keith D. Lillemoe, John P. Neoptolemos, Attila Olah, Richard Schulick, Shailesh V. Shrikhande, Tadahiro Takada, Kyoichi Takaori, William Traverso, Charles R. Vollmer, Christopher L. Wolfgang, Charles J. Yeo, Roberto Salvia, Marcus Buchler from the International Study Group on Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS)
    Surgery, Vol. 161, Issue 3
  • The impact of the radiation-induced regression of positive nodes on survival in patients with rectal cancer treated with chemoradiotherapy

    Naohito Beppu, Ayako Kakuno, Hiroshi Doi, Norihiko Kamikonya, Nagahide Matsubara, Naohiro Tomita, Hidenori Yanagi, Naoki Yamanaka
    Surgery, Vol. 161, Issue 2
  • Parathyroidectomy for asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism: A revised cost-effectiveness analysis incorporating fracture risk reduction

    Kyle A. Zanocco, James X. Wu, Michael W. Yeh
    Surgery, Vol. 161, Issue 1
  • Educating the surgeon-scientist: A qualitative study evaluating challenges and barriers toward becoming an academically successful surgeon

    Lisa M. Kodadek, Muneera R. Kapadia, Navin R. Changoor, Kelli Bullard Dunn, Chandrakanth Are, Jacob A. Greenberg, Rebecca M. Minter, Timothy M. Pawlik, Adil H. Haider
    Surgery, Vol. 160, Issue 6
  • A prospective, multicenter, observational study on quality of life after laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair with ProGrip laparoscopic, self-fixating mesh according to the European Registry for Abdominal Wall Hernias Quality of Life Instrument

    Filip E. Muysoms, Aude Vanlander, Robrecht Ceulemans, Iris Kyle-Leinhase, Maarten Michiels, Ivo Jacobs, Pieter Pletinckx, Frederik Berrevoet
    Surgery, Vol. 160, Issue 5
  • Live tissue versus simulation training for emergency procedures: Is simulation ready to replace live tissue?

    Stephen L. Barnes, Alex Bukoski, Jeffrey D. Kerby, Luis Llerena, John H. Armstrong, Catherine Strayhorn the University of Missouri Combat Casualty Training Consortium
    Surgery, Vol. 160, Issue 4
  • Live liver donors’ information needs: A qualitative study of practical implications for informed consent

    Elisa J. Gordon, Jack Mullee, Anton Skaro, Talia Baker
    Surgery, Vol. 160, Issue 3
  • Anatomy and physiology by Leonardo: The hidden revolution?

    Antonio V. Sterpetti
    Surgery, Vol. 159, Issue 3
  • The role of the hospital and health care system characteristics in readmissions after major surgery in California

    Joy C. Chen, Jeremy D. Shaw, Yifei Ma, Kim F. Rhoads
    Surgery, Vol. 159, Issue 2
  • Minimal extrathyroid extension in papillary thyroid carcinoma does not result in increased rates of either cause-specific mortality or postoperative tumor recurrence

    Ian D. Hay, Tammi R. Johnson, Geoffrey B. Thompson, Thomas J. Sebo, Megan S. Reinalda
    Surgery, Vol. 159, Issue 1
  • Early impact of the 2011 ACGME duty hour regulations on surgical outcomes

    Christopher P. Scally, Andrew M. Ryan, Jyothi R. Thumma, Paul G. Gauger, Justin B. Dimick
    Surgery, Vol. 158, Issue 6
  • The uses of smartphones and tablet devices in surgery: A systematic review of the literature

    Mohammad H. Mobasheri, Maximilian Johnston, Usama M. Syed, Dominic King, Ara Darzi
    Surgery, Vol. 158, Issue 5
  • Review courses for the American Board of Surgery certifying examination do not provide an advantage

    Andrew T. Jones, Thomas W. Biester, Frank R. Lewis Jr., Mark A. Malangoni
    Surgery, Vol. 158, Issue 4
  • Cost-utility analysis of the use of prophylactic mesh augmentation compared with primary fascial suture repair in patients at high risk for incisional hernia

    John P. Fischer, Marten N. Basta, Jason D. Wink, Naveen M. Krishnan, Stephen J. Kovach
    Surgery, Vol. 158, Issue 3
  • Global Surgery 2030: Evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development

    John G. Meara, Andrew J.M. Leather, Lars Hagander, Blake C. Alkire, Nivaldo Alonso, Emmanuel A. Ameh, Stephen W. Bickler, Lesong Conteh, Anna J. Dare, Justine Davies, Eunice Dérivois Mérisier, Shenaaz El-Halabi, Paul E. Farmer, Atul Gawande, Rowan Gillies, Sarah L.M. Greenberg, Caris E. Grimes, Russell L. Gruen, Edna Adan Ismail, Thaim Buya Kamara, Chris Lavy, Lundeg Ganbold, Nyengo C. Mkandawire, Nakul P. Raykar, Johanna N. Riesel, Edgar Rodas, John Rose, Nobhojit Roy, Mark G. Shrime, Richard Sullivan, Stéphane Verguet, David Watters, Thomas G. Weiser, Iain H. Wilson, Gavin Yamey, Winnie Yip
    Surgery, Vol. 158, Issue 1
  • Extending the value of the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program claims dataset to study long-term outcomes: Rate of repeat ventral hernia repair

    Anne M. Stey, Marcia M. Russell, Catherine A. Sugar, Bruce L. Hall, David S. Zingmond, Elise H. Lawson, Clifford Y. Ko
    Surgery, Vol. 157, Issue 6
  • Sevoflurane protects against intestinal ischemia–reperfusion injury partly by phosphatidylinositol 3 kinases/Akt pathway in rats

    Chuiliang Liu, Zhiwen Shen, Yanhui Liu, Jun Peng, Liping Miao, Weian Zeng, Yujuan Li
    Surgery, Vol. 157, Issue 5
  • Reconsidering the ethics of sham interventions in an era of emerging technologies

    Sophie L. Niemansburg, Johannes J.M. van Delden, Wouter J.A. Dhert, Annelien L. Bredenoord
    Surgery, Vol. 157, Issue 4
  • An immersive “simulation week” enhances clinical performance of incoming surgical interns improved performance persists at 6 months follow-up

    Pritam Singh, Rajesh Aggarwal, Philip H. Pucher, Daniel A. Hashimoto, Laura Beyer-Berjot, Rasiah Bharathan, Katherine E. Middleton, Joanne Jones, Ara Darzi
    Surgery, Vol. 157, Issue 3
  • Performing and evaluating meta-analyses

    Jakob Burcharth, Hans-Christian Pommergaard, Jacob Rosenberg
    Surgery, Vol. 157, Issue 2
  • Exploring ethical conflicts in emergency trauma research: The COMBAT (Control of Major Bleeding after Trauma) study experience

    Theresa L. Chin, Ernest E. Moore, Marilyn E. Coors, James G. Chandler, Arsen Ghasabyan, Jeffrey N. Harr, John R. Stringham, Christopher R. Ramos, Sarah Ammons, Anirban Banerjee, Angela Sauaia
    Surgery, Vol. 157, Issue 1
  • BRAF mutation in papillary thyroid cancer: A cost-utility analysis of preoperative testing

    Wayne S. Lee, Barnard J.A. Palmer, Arturo Garcia, Vincent E. Chong, Terrence H. Liu
    Surgery, Vol. 156, Issue 6
  • Axillary reverse mapping: Five-year experience

    Daniela Ochoa, Soheila Korourian, Cristiano Boneti, Laura Adkins, Brian Badgwell, V. Suzanne Klimberg
    Surgery, Vol. 156, Issue 5
  • Extended use of diaphragm pacing in patients with unilateral or bilateral diaphragm dysfunction: A new therapeutic option

    Raymond P. Onders, MaryJo Elmo, Cindy Kaplan, Bashar Katirji, Robert Schilz
    Surgery, Vol. 156, Issue 4
  • Message from the Editors

    Michael G. Sarr, Andrew L. Warshaw
    Surgery, Vol. 156, Issue 3
  • Sex bias exists in basic science and translational surgical research

    Dustin Y. Yoon, Neel A. Mansukhani, Vanessa C. Stubbs, Irene B. Helenowski, Teresa K. Woodruff, Melina R. Kibbe
    Surgery, Vol. 156, Issue 3
  • The ladies need more attention

    Amanda Green, Sarah Markham, Jessica Williams, Jahanara Graf, Ashley Morgan, Magdalene Brooke, Alden H. Harken
    Surgery, Vol. 156, Issue 3
  • Invisible

    Julie Ann Freischlag
    Surgery, Vol. 156, Issue 3
  • Worse outcomes among uninsured general surgery patients: Does the need for an emergency operation explain these disparities?

    Diane A. Schwartz, Xuan Hui, Eric B. Schneider, Mays T. Ali, Joseph K. Canner, William R. Leeper, David T. Efron, Elliot R. Haut, Catherine G. Velopulos, Timothy M. Pawlik, Adil H. Haider
    Surgery, Vol. 156, Issue 2
  • Extended pancreatectomy in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: Definition and consensus of the International Study Group for Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS)

    Werner Hartwig, Charles M. Vollmer, Abe Fingerhut, Charles J. Yeo, John P. Neoptolemos, Mustapha Adham, Åke Andrén-Sandberg, Horacio J. Asbun, Claudio Bassi, Max Bockhorn, Richard Charnley, Kevin C. Conlon, Christos Dervenis, Laureano Fernandez-Cruz, Helmut Friess, Dirk J. Gouma, Clem W. Imrie, Keith D. Lillemoe, Miroslav N. Milićević, Marco Montorsi, Shailesh V. Shrikhande, Yogesh K. Vashist, Jakob R. Izbicki, Markus W. Büchler for the International Study Group on Pancreatic Surgery,
    Surgery, Vol. 156, Issue 1
  • Borderline resectable pancreatic cancer: A consensus statement by the International Study Group of Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS)

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