2017 ACS Simulation Series

  • Team-based simulations for new surgeons: Does early and often make a difference?

    Kareem R. AbdelFattah, M. Chance Spalding, David Leshikar, Aimee K. Gardner
    Vol. 163, Issue 4, p912–915
    Published online: December 8, 2017
  • Simulation center best practices: A review of ACS-accredited educational institutes' best practices, 2011 to present

    James M. Cooke, Deborah M. Rooney, Gladys L. Fernandez, David R. Farley
    Vol. 163, Issue 4, p916–920
    Published online: December 19, 2017
  • Personalized video feedback improves suturing skills of incoming general surgery trainees

    Nimesh D. Naik, Eduardo F. Abbott, Becca L. Gas, Brittany L. Murphy, David R. Farley, David A. Cook
    Vol. 163, Issue 4, p921–926
    Published online: December 27, 2017
  • An approach to value-based simulator selection: The creation and evaluation of the simulator value index tool

    Deborah M. Rooney, David M. Hananel, Benjamin J. Covington, Patrick L. Dionise, Michael T. Nykamp, Melvin Pederson, Jamal M. Sahloul, Rachael Vasquez, F. Jacob Seagull, Harold M. Pinsky, Domenica G. Sweier, James M. Cooke
    Vol. 163, Issue 4, p927–932
    Published online: January 19, 2018
  • Time crunch: increasing the efficiency of assessment of technical surgical skill via brief video clips

    John Mark Sawyer, Nicholas E. Anton, James R. Korndorffer Jr, Christopher G. DuCoin, Dimitrios Stefanidis
    Vol. 163, Issue 4, p933–937
    Published online: January 18, 2018
  • Using epistemic network analysis to identify targets for educational interventions in trauma team communication

    Sarah Sullivan, Charles Warner-Hillard, Brendan Eagan, Ryan J. Thompson, A.R. Ruis, Krista Haines, Carla M. Pugh, David Williamson Shaffer, Hee Soo Jung
    Vol. 163, Issue 4, p938–943
    Published online: February 3, 2018