June 1939

Volume 5Issue 6p813-986
  • Textbook of neuroanatomy and the sense organs

    By O. Larsell, Professor of Anatomy, University of Oregon Medical School. Pp. 343, with 232 illustrations. New York, London, 1939. D, Appleton-Century Company.$6

    Published in issue: June 1939
  • Life and letters of fielding

    H. Garrison, By Solomon R. Kagan. Cloth. Pp. 287, with 3 illustrations. Boston, 1938, The Medico-Historical Press, $3

    Published in issue: June 1939
  • Diseases of the thyroid, parathyroid and thymus

    By Andre Crotti, M.D., formerly First Assistant of the Pathological Laboratory at University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Cloth., Ed. 3. Pp. 1229, with 262 illustrations and 39 plates in color, Philadelphia, 1938, Lea & Febriger, $20

    Published in issue: June 1939
  • Medicine in modern society

    By David Riesman. Cloth, Pp. 226, Princeton, N. J., 1938, Princeton University Press, $2.50

    Published in issue: June 1939